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Here’s What’s Waiting For You Inside Bergman’s Lab Grow Skills…
  • The 8 essential grow skills, as perfected by Robert Bergman based on 20 years practical growing experience …
  • How, when and why for each skill.
  • Total Privacy: nobody will know you are following a marijuana grow course.
  • Detailed instructional photo series.
  • You’re covered by our 100% “Grow Your Own” Guarantee … you have nothing to lose. Try the grow skills module for 30 days and if you’re not satisfied, let us know and we’ll give you your money back … no questions asked
What do the members have to say about Bergman's Lab?
Hey Robert, so far so good! 

I will say that so far your course has taught me more in one night than the thousands of dollars in publications. I have it all from Ed Rosenthal to George Cervantes. When I was finished reading all these books I said to my friend there is something missing, it seems that you had to look between the lines with others. I am in the middle of a grow right now and am hoping I can salvage some of it with this new info. 

I am glad to have your course now and I hope to finally do this right! Take care, Mike
Dear Robert,

So far I think what you are doing is excellent. I am interested in the whole process but am not planning anything commercial. I have health issues for which my doctor has prescribed me cannabis (IBS, arthritis, thyroid, sleep) but I have not found the product(s) I am looking for.  

So here I am, ready to learn all about it. 

Your new best friend 
Hey Robert,

I'm a new grower and I've learned everything I know from you. ILGM really help. When I joined you course I was hoping I would learn even more and you did that for me. 

Thank you a million :-) 

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